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  • Listen to the American students talking about their free time activities. While listening, make notes about the activities and the details (where, when, whith who, how).

  • Write a short essay about it. 

  • Don't write down each and every word of what they are saying. Write the key information with important details, generalize some statements. 

  • Do the task in a Word file and send it to your teacher. 
  • The probable time for this homework task is 25 minutes (5 to 10 minutes for listening and making notes, 15 minutes for writing and correcting)


The first girl says: 

- Ok, so, on our free time many of us have jobs and you are able to get a job leagaly when you are sixteen at most places. I, for instance, I work at a restaurant which is very common around so you can sell food or some work at clothing stores and many other different jobs around the area. 

You write: When American students have free time, they can work when they are sixteen. They (can) work in a restaurant, different kinds of shops, they can sell food, clothers, etc.

It's obvious that your essay will be shorter then the interview script.

Here is the video:

 Good luck and have a good day!

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